Best French Restaurants Toronto

French Restaurants Toronto

French Restaurants Toronto

Restaurants are one of those places where you can and have the moments of your life. The happy moments you get by spending time with your friends and family is why restaurants become so close to our hearts.

Restaurants and food chains are not only businesses. It has also embraced some relationships, brought many families closer to each other, Spark top new relationships as many restaurants where the first meeting place of many dating couples today.

Therefore, restaurants play a different and vital role in our life. Here in the blog today, we are going to talk about some of the most elegant French restaurants in Toronto.

There are many people Toronto who come from different nationalities who live in Toronto for their job studies. The Frenchman had also led to the border of Canada many years ago.

Till then, they have grown prosperously here have decent jobs.

Some of them are starting in the reputed universities of the country.

There are not many problems for people who live here. However, most of them miss the taste of their home country here in Canada.

Therefore, to end the mystery of the Frenchman and the people who I want to taste French dishes here in Canada, a lot of French restaurants have started taking baby steps in the food chain industry of Canada.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best French restaurants in Toronto.

Top 10 Best French Restaurants in Toronto

1. Auberge du Pommier:

This is one of the best French restaurants with the finest of dreams and visions from the land of romance in Toronto.

This gem of a restaurant in Toronto would give you her site if you had towards Yonge and York Mills.

The restaurant is in a historic cottage. The menu card will bring water to your mouth itself. Studies some of the things you need to know about this restaurant.

Check out the website below to know more.

Address: 4150 Yonge St. Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-222-2220


2. La Palette:

La Palette is another incredible restaurant you can find here in Toronto. This is one of the best French restaurants in Toronto, and it is one of its kind.

You will not find another restaurant like this. If you are an adventurous Government and you are seeking a taste of horse, then you will never find a better place than La Palette to satisfy your cravings here in Toronto.

Address: 492 Queen St West Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-929-4900


3. Batifole:

French cuisines find its taste here, Batifole. This Toronto restaurant is serving the Frenchman of Toronto for years with the original text of the French cuisines.

Now, this restaurant has become one of the best landmarks in Toronto. This is a signature eastern Chinatown restaurant by combining gastronomy with the French Bistro techniques and that customers love that.

They have made an incredible fan base for their food. Check out the website below to know more.

Address: 744 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-462-9965


4. Greta Solomon’s:

The Greta Solomon’s is another reputed name in the food chain industry of Toronto. This eatery is a 26 seat large Leslieville restaurant that offers the most excellent French cuisines you will ever have.

The authentic taste of the French cuisines here will take your heart away easily. This is one of the best French restaurants in Toronto.

Address: 1118 Queen St. E Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-347-8640

5. Le Baratin:

Brockton village in Toronto is the home of this incredible cozy restaurant that serves lunch dinner and brunch as well.

The great ambiance and the taste of the food here well when your heart easily if you are a food lover.

Some of the most famous French cuisines you will get here are plats du jour, omelets du jour, and specials like cassoulet.

So, with such an exquisite menu card, this is another essential French restaurant here in Toronto.

Address: 1600 Dundas St. W. Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-534-8800

6. Cafe Cancan:

Cafe Cancan can take you to France in the second with their foods. This is one of the fanciest French food joints in Toronto that is situated in Harbord village—painted with pastel colors.

This French restaurant serves eclairs, oysters, bone marrow, onion soup, and more. You can even get brunches on weekdays from this restaurant as well.

You have to try this French restaurant once in your time in Toronto.

Address: 89 Harbord St. Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-341-3100

7. Cote de Boeuf:

This butcher shop in Washington is another incredible French restaurant that has a special chef’s menu in that tight space.

They serve the elegance of France with items in their lists like Foie gras and cheese.

This restaurant, although host some private events but you should always keep in mind that this restaurant does not take any reservations.

As they have a very tight space, you will only have to go and book a table there.

Address: 130 Ossington Ave. Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-532-2333

8. Cluny:

The distillery district is very you are going to find this glittery Bistro that has options like patios bread bus and some other brunch in its menu card.

Cluny is one of the most famous French restaurants in Toronto, and it has the elegant ambiance that a Frenchman expects.

This restaurant is entirely made for the French people to come and enjoy the taste of their motherland once again.

Address: 35 Tank House Ln. Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-203-2632


9. ICI Bistro:

This is one of the most amazing French restaurants you will have in Toronto. The cuisines have the elegant French flavor with a touch of fusion.

However, you can also have traditional French flavors if you don’t like the fusion ones. The quick menu card of this fantastic place will surely bring water dropping from their customers’ mouths.

Address: 18 St Thomas Street Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-971-9666


10. Colette Grand Cafe:

Who is not aware of the cravings a Frenchman have for coffee in the afternoon. This is the reason why the Colette Grand Cafe is here. However.

This restaurant is not only a coffee shop. It has a vast menu with many things in it as well. Anyone who has tasted the food here ones might never go to another place to taste French dishes ever.

The ambiance is also a perfect fit for a date with your loved ones. Try it today.

Address: 550 Wellington Street West Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-348-7000


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