Best Restaurants in Markham

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Restaurants in Markham

Restaurants in Markham

Markham in Toronto has eclectic food menus in high-class restaurants. When you think of the scene of Markham, most of us cannot visualize hidden gems, driving the foodies to this city every season.

The rise of multiculturalism in this city has an effect on the culinary world. Markham is now bursting with a variety of finger-licking foods, including Edomae-style sushi, Chinese dumplings, and soufflés.

Travelers from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and several other countries love authentic dishes available in Markham restaurants.

From American to Asian cuisine, everything is there to make your days more special.

Located in the northern part of Toronto, Markham is known for the famous Asian restaurants.

However, there are also Chinese and American bistros with a cozy atmosphere and delicious recipes.

We have now picked the most popular and best restaurants in Markham.

1. The Owl of Minerva

When you love a Korean-style cuisine, The Owl of Minerva can be the best choice for you. This restaurant has also opened its outlet in China.

The spices and flavorsin every dish can be unforgettable for you. You can order Pork Bone Stew, KimChi Fried Rice, and any other classic food. There are also appetizing snacks and lunch menu.


  • Restaurant cum bar
  • Authentic Korean cuisine
  • Professional chef
  • Daily special snacks

Address-First Markham Place, 3229 Hwy 7

2. Kaka All You Can Eat

Established in the year 2015, this restaurant has gathered the attention of its guests with flavorful Japanese cuisine.

From Oshizushi to Aburi-style sushi, the food menu of this bistro includes lots of things. You can reserve your seats in advance.


  • Scrumptious seasonal palate
  • A special menu of ice cream
  • Arrange small parties, comprising up to 8 guests

Address- 655 BAY ST, TORONTO, ON, M5G 1Z4

Phone number- (416) 979-3288 / (416) 979-2988

3. Bamiyan Kabob

It is not always easy to find a restaurant famous for Afghan cuisine. However, ultimately, we have encountered Bamiyan Kabob, where Afghan-style recipes can please every food connoisseur.

Without travelling to Afghanistan, you can rush to Bamiyan Kabob to find a charming and warm atmosphere.

You can order rice meals, soft chicken, beef, lamb, and a lot. The restaurant is named after Bamiyan Valley, located in Afghanistan, and you can find a versatile menu that reflects Afghan food culture.


  • Low-priced menu with salads, side dishes, and drinks
  • Includes different kabobs
  • Soft drinks and beverages

Address- 7760 Markham Rd., Building C, Markham


4. Inspire

You can find an eastern design and cozy space in Inspire Restaurant. The goal of this restaurant is to welcome patrons and let them enjoy their seasonal menus.

Thai, Chinese, Laos, and Vietnamese food culture has made this restaurant unique.

Rich, crispy, sweet Chicken & Waffle, marinated pork belly, and tomato-based aioli are some of the favorite recipes to foodies who visit the restaurant regularly.

You will get the utmost pleasure from classic aromas.


  • 2-hour seating limit
  • Family-style takeout
  • Free delivery within a distance of km

Address- 144 Main St. N, Unit 1

Markham, ON Canada

L3P 5T3

Phone number- 905.554.2889

Email address-

5. Smash Kitchen and Bar

Friendly service, casual atmosphere, and high quality, southern-inspired foods- these things have made this restaurant popular.

We have chosen the restaurant for those who prefer American-style bistros. Homemade desserts, BBQ ribs, Coal-Fired Oven Pizzas, and lots of other foods give you an amazing feeling.

The interior zone of this restaurant and bar is spacious, as it accommodates up to 200 guests.


  • Family platters with discounts
  • A dining room with a large screen TV
  • Catering service for special ceremonies

Address- 4261 Hwy 7 East, Unionville, ON

Phone number (905) 940-2000 

Email address-

6.Zen Japanese Restaurant

It is a unique Markham restaurant, inculcating Japanese culture in the world of cuisine. Zen Japanese Restaurant reveals diversity in the food menu.

You can find the ultimate entertainment while enjoying your favorite foods.

There are lots of choices for appetizers. You can find marinated octopus, tempura coated scallop, and several other food recipes.

  • No compromise on flavors and quality of recipes
  • Reservation-driven restaurant
  • Limited space forwalk-in guests


7634 Woodbine Ave.
Ontario. L3R 2N2


Phone number- (905) 604-7211

7. Tapagria

As one of the Spanish tapas bistros, Tapagria offers Iberian dishes. The architectural structure combines natural wood, Spanish tiles, and steel and wood finishes.

Thus, while you enter the restaurant, you will get the best feel. There are a large dining space and an outdoor patio.

You can choose that patio for social gatherings. For dinner, lunch, or brunch, you may reserve your seat.


  • Delectable tapas, octopus, shrimp, and lobster
  • Delivery service is available through UberEats
  • Staffs conscious of hygiene

Address-230 Commerce Valley dr. E.
Markham, ON L3T 7Y3

Phone number- (905) 771-8868

8. Ambiyan

Established in 2009, Ambiyan is best for those who love Indian cuisine. Butter chicken, garlic naan, chana masala, and basmati rice will delight your tummy.

Both meat-eaters and vegetarians can find the right items from the menu.


  • Restaurant and bar
  • Wooden chairs and tables reflect an Indian-style interior
  • A collection of different wines

Address- 149 Main St Unionville

Phone number- 905-480-0094


Tangerine has developed an Asian culture in the culinary field. You can find Szechuan, Hakka, and Cantonese cuisine in this restaurant.

You can’t resist your hunger when the chefs serve you with savory Hakka noodles and Pakoras.


  • Include lunch specials
  • Hearty dishes
  • Best for Asian cuisine lovers

Address- Armadale Square

7690 Markham Rd, Unit 4C

Markham, Ontario, L3S 3S1

(14th Ave. & Markham Rd.)

10. Pho Metro

Pho Metro is one of the Vietnamese restaurants in Markham, and it serves you Broken Rice, Spring Rolls, Vermicelli Soup, and Spicy Noodle.

You may also order sizzling Vietnamese pancakes to get an authentic taste.


  • Comfortable dining place
  • Vietnamese dishes
  • Modern decor

Address- 50 Bur Oak Avenue, Unit 7
Markham, ON L6C 0A2
Phone number- (905) 888-6999

Visit any of these restaurants in Markham to order something hot, cool, and fresh.

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