Best Thai Restaurant Toronto

Thai Restaurant Toronto

Thai Restaurant Toronto

Asian countries have earned some impeccable reputation in the world of Spices. Many reputed chefs came from this continent. This is one of the main reasons for the millions of fans spread across the world who love their foods very much.

Thailand is one such country of the continent which is reputed for the delicious cuisines they offer. The people of Thailand are very peaceful, and they love to eat.

This and the marvelous spices of top quality together have made some delicious foods, cuisines, and desserts that the world is a fan of.

However, amongst them all, the Thai people who are in different countries for jobs, studies, or more, misses the taste of their motherland the most.

There are no other countries that can make such a unique taste in their foods.

This is the reason why Thai people are missing their country even more. Therefore, there are many Thai food stalls, eateries, food joints, takeaways, and restaurants established around the world.

Today in our post are going to the contacts of some Thai Eateries in Toronto so that you can go there and enjoy their food, taste, and if you are a Thai person, we are giving you the address of some places closer to heaven. Go enjoy the lost taste of your motherland. Try them all.

Top 10 Thai restaurants in Toronto:


PAI is one of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto. You can have some of the best Thai cuisines here. If you are a Thai person who misses its food, then PAI is one of the best places in Toronto where you can find the lost taste of your nation.

Many people come back here just to taste their Thai dishes, and the ambiance and location are a plus.

Address: 18 Duncan St, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-901-4724


2. Mengrai Thai:

The comfortable brick-lined restaurant is one of those restaurants that offers the best Thai food in the world. You will know that the spices are one of the best flavors straight from Thailand.

This Thai restaurant has earned the love of the people of Toronto with its amazing food.

Address: 82 Ontario St, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-840-2454


3. Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar:

The relaxed ambiance of the SabaiSabai Kitchen and Bar is one of the best Thai restaurants in Toronto and in Canada with the taste of Northern Thailand & Laos that will help you feel the taste of your country.

Entice up your taste buds with some of the best flavors from Thailand. The complete bar in a more relaxed art-filled setting.

Address: 81 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-748-4225


4. Golden Thai Restaurant:

The Golden Thai Restaurant is one of the most amazing Thai restaurants available in the market. One of the longest-running food chains in Toronto that has some incredible reputation on their name.

The food chain has become one of Toronto’s favorite landmarks, and the people of Toronto have loved the taste of the foods here. You should also try the food of the Golden Thai Restaurant in your time here in Toronto.

Address: 105 Church St, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-868-6668


5. Kiin:

Kiin is one of the most elegant eateries of the market. It is one of the most elegant restaurants in Toronto.

Many Toronto people have started loving Thai food because of the amazing taste and ambiance they get here in this restaurant while enjoying the food.

There are many Thai restaurants in Toronto, but very few of them help you to get the authentic taste of Thailand. Kiin is one of the best amongst them.

Address: 326 Adelaide St W, Toronto

Phone: +1 647-490-5040


6. Nana:

Nana is one of those most loved restaurants in Toronto, with some of the great fusions and delicious cuisines from the Thai riverside.

This is a great ambiance to sit with your loved one and spend the time together. The ambiance of the restaurant is one of the best things you will ever have in your area.

Address: 785 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-352-5773


7. Khao San Road:

One of the liveliest eatery ambiance you will have here in Toronto. There are some of the best Thai dishes that you haven’t tasted for a long time now.

Try this incredible restaurant with some of the best flavors that you miss from your home country. Try these incredible dishes today.

Address: 11 Charlotte St, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-352-5772


8. Si Lom Thai Bistro:

Thai curries and noodles are one of the most well-known dishes from Thailand. The vibrant slushies with such a great taste from Thailand are one of the best even here in Toronto.

This is the best place to have Thai food, such as noodles and curries. Try it today.

Address: 534 Church St, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-515-0888


9. Sorn Thai Restaurant:

Southeast Asia is famous for its flavors in their foods. The Sorn Thai is going to give you the taste of Southeastern Asia here in Toronto.

Sorn Thai Restaurant is one of those very few Thai restaurants that give you hygiene plus taste, ambiance, and comfort.

Everything you would like to have in a restaurant is available here in the Sorn Thai. Try it today.

Address: 2550 Yonge St, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 416-322-3563


10. Sukhothai:

Sukhothai is another incredible Thai restaurant in Toronto that has mesmerized the people of Toronto with their food and ambiance.

They have helped in starting a love story, helped to bring families closer. Also, they love to give you the best food every time you visit.

Here is the address of the restaurant and website below. You can find other contacts in the restaurant. Book your tables now.

Address: 52 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON

Phone: +1 647-351-4612


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